Our quality, reliable custom database solutions - gives you the technology you need to manage your resources - at an affordable cost

We listen to your IDEAS, take your requirements - and design software to meet your needs. It's pretty simple.

If you need to:
- connect or bridge systems together
- have a web service designed
- modify existing software
- have a database schema designed to support both 'now' and 'down the road'
- upgrade software to a new platform
- or need a new application designed from scratch
- have a solution built in MSAccess for local use...or in the latest .NET environment for the web
- hire an independent consultant to provide a second opinion
- have a project manager ensure that your deadlines are met
- have quality documentation composed and presented in "plain english"
- bounce ideas for your project
- consider any of our existing turnkey solutions for your needs...

...we can help.

What you can expect from us:

1. Our partners have been designing software since the 1980's. We bring a LOT of expertise to your project - and will recommend ideas that can save you time and money.

2. Cycon Publishing Inc has been in the technology business since 1996 - going on 15 years! We will be around "tomorrow"....and thereafter.

3. We've worked in practically every industry (government, energy & utility, retail, health care, manufacturing, insurance, human resources, financial, accounting, weather, navigation, customer service, work order processing, museum cataloguing) - which means we can offer our insider knowledge to you

4. Your project is our number one focus. We meet your schedule and budget. No surprises, no gotcha's.

5. We are located in Maryland, USA - just outside of Washington DC. You can reach us by phone or email - and we will promptly respond.

6. We design solutions that LAST. This keeps your costs down. You don't want to keep paying us to maintain your system - and we want your solution to stand on it's own two feet. Our clients will attest, that once we install a solution - it will last years without any need for changes.

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