Cycon offers turnkey solutions for eGovernment

StormTrak(tm) transforms your snow and ice removal program into a budget conscious machine

...for Public Works & Transportation Departments in City, County & State Governments

StormTrak™ is a software tool that gives ACCOUNTABILITY and VALUE to your snow and ice removal efforts.

It is NOT AVL. It is NOT a work order or 311 system, or payroll or fleet management. It is NOT generic software either, but rather it's a TOOL designed specifically for YOU and your municipal snow removal team.

StormTrak™ provides you with LONG TERM value. It helps you better manage your costs. It helps you monitor expenditures for the season. It helps you compare expenses - with your budget. It adds an accountant to your snow removal program. It records your decisions. StormTrak™ helps you stay accountable - and lets you focus on the task at hand - clearing the snow from the roadways.

Learn more about how StormTrak(tm) can transform your snow budget

StormTrak(tm) Pricing Options

iSLIMS - performance based work order processing promotes a faster turnaround on repairs.

...for Streetlight Contractors, Parking Meter Contractors, Utility Companies and City / County Governments

iSLIMS is a robust performance-based work management web application used by Public Works and Transportation departments, Utility companies and Construction and Repair companies. This performance, results oriented web based software, complete with Google Maps, will monitor the repairs made to your assets. This helps you ensure repairs are made ON TIME and ON SCHEDULE.

Online activities and results can be shared 24/7 with all parties of your repair contract. We take the guesswork out of the repair contract and provide you with the Big Picture. If you need to schedule and monitor Street Light or Parking Meter repairs, iSLIMS is for you. Learn how performance based work order management can be used to monitor and audit your contractors

iSLIMS Performance based work management pricing options

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